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about second moon

Second Moon Comes from the makers of SOSAU and SM&SSU

With the combined efforts of Save Our Sailors in Australia, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Stars Universe, comes Second Moon. The first campaign through link exchange, in support of dubbing Japanese episodes and movies to English and wanting a Sailor Moon 2 season, and the Sailor Stars Movie!

Second Moon is campaigning for more episodes by Naoko Takeuchi.
Lets face it, we enjoyed the episodes, and just about everyone wants to find out what happened to everyone, to most moonies, episode 200 is just the beginning not the end!
Chibi-Usa (Rini) goes back to the future, the Stars go home wiht their princess, so what aboute everyone else? What happens with Crystal Tokyo?
Okay, we've got the SMR, SMS and SMSuperS Movies, and we'd like a Sailor Stars Movie!

So, even though we live in a one moon world, we still have a second chance with a bright new future. . .enter the SOS Campaigns to help get Sailor Moon translated from Japanese and stay on air until 200 episodes, movies and specials have been translated!
Most countries like Australia, America, Canada, Britain and New Zealand, as well as some other countries DiC gives Sailor Moon to, haven't seen close to 200, only 65-82 episodes and not one movie because of "lack of veiwers" but what about the countries Sailor Moon stormed?!

But Second Moon is mainly focussing on the Japanese Episodes, who knows, the more the episodes, the bigger demand on DiC!

Here are some commonly asked questions, Second Moon hopes all questions are answered here.

Q: How exactly does a link exchange work?

A: It's very similar to a Web Ring except a Banner is seen to advertise another Sailor Moon site. It's very rare the banner system will give you a commercial advertisment that has nothing to do with Sailor Moon

Q: Will the banner always be the same one?

A: When your page is reloaded a diffrent banner will be displayed. Someone visiting your page will get a different banner each time your site is visited

Q: Why Campaign by using a Banner System?

A: It's better than using a ring, more people will visit sites that support a campaign and hey it's the first campaign to be done like this, and the best part about it, your counter clocks up numbers!

Q: Does my site banner get seen on my own site?

A: This Link Exchange has been set so you will never display your own banner. Why visit your own site?! Other sites will display yours and you will display theirs, you will never see your own on your site.

Q: Do I have to know CGI or advance HTML to make the banners change?

A: Nope, the HTML coding will be sent to you all you have to do is copy and paste it to your site

Okay, that's about it, now you've read all that and want to join, please read the Rules first.
Any questions or comments, please E-mail Second Moon

Remember Second Moon is the FIRST Link Exchange Campaign

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Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992 along with Kodansha, Toei, Bandai and other Japanese companies.
Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi in 1995 along with DiC, YTV, the Forge, Disney, Mixxzine and other English speaking countries.