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second moon rules

Second Moon has set 10 simple rules, which should accomidate to any Sailor Moon site/page within reason, and we encourage all nationalities to join.

1.Your site/page must be Sailor Moon related!

2. You must promise to display a banner for Second Moon on the front of your Sailor Moon site/page

3. The size of your banner MUST be 400 wide by 60 high.

4. You must put the banner URL on your site before you will be officially recognised as a member.

5. No Sailor Moon Hentai or Anti-Sailor Moon (or Anti Sailor Moon Characters) in your site.

6. You may create your own Second Moon logo to place NEXT to your banner, but your MUST have a logo next to your banner.

7. A banner must be uploaded to your site, however if you don't have enough space at your site, request one from us with your name, e-mail and site URL.

8. You may choose one of our simple ones or you can create your own (if you don't have one and don't want to request one, use a banner URL of ours).

9. If you take down your site or change your site information listing, please notify us as soon as the change happens.

10. You have the right to leave the banner system anytime you choose, please e-mail us upon leaving.

If you agree to all these, you are ready to Join Second Moon

Any queries please e-mail Second Moon

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Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992 along with Kodansha, Toei, Bandai and other Japanese companies.
Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi in 1995 along with DiC, YTV, the Forge, Disney, Mixxzine and other English speaking countries.